I had such a great experience!

We got so much done and so quickly too. Very reliable and knowledgeable. I will continue to use Smart Website Building for all my website needs!!

M. Romo

Sierre Madre, CA

Here’s the comparison of my first website to my new website created by” Smart Website Building”.

1) My first designer took weeks to initiate any plans and changes.

2) It took days for a return call.

3) It took 10 months to complete.

4) At the ends, the contracted quote, increased.

5) After a few months, I was wondering why I did not have any traffic to my new website. I later learned it was not optimized. I wished I was informed of optimizing.

6) The feedback I was getting “ not enough information”

7) My mobile website would overlap the text

My phenomenal experience with Rhett:

1) He provided a thorough consultation and productive suggestions.

2) He gave specifics details on every page, and its purpose.

3) He responded to my emails and calls instantly, within minutes to hours.

4) He made the changes of my selective request within 48 hours.

5) His quote is fairly priced.

6) My Website became live in 2 weeks.

7) My Mobile Website is now readable.

8) I am getting MORE traffic on my New Website.

9) I’m now on the 2nd page of the Google search engine instead of the 7th.


I am still working with Rhett, towards marketing my business further. I am completely satisfied of his On-line talent and variety of services. I have worked with dozens of specialized contractors and I find Rhett, to have the highest integrity and consistency. He’s patient, easy to work with, and I would highly recommend to everyone who needs, a creative mind, reliability, virtual knowledge, and on-going support.




Givae Salon
Oakland, California


We’re consistently on the first page of Google organic search results! Rhett taught us how to use our website and our blog to get our website on the first page of Google, Bing and Yahoo search results. With his help weve built a website that generates leads for us on a consistent basis and gets noticed by potential clients. Our website is an integral part of our marketing strategy as a lead generator and source of information for everyone who is interested in doing business with us.

Thanks Rhett!

Erin Ludden

OnCall Communication