Client Content Concierge

We usually don’t use fancy words like “Concierge” but we thought it best sums up what this special service offers to you. It is a complete content creation system for your smart website that we deliver to you. Many small businesses don’t know how or are too busy to write content for their website that works to bring business. Heck, it took us years to learn what we know and we do it for a living.

We know that the best way to get traffic and visitors to your website that want to pay you money, is to provide the content they are looking for and use. But the only way they find you is to have content. The key is to have content that speaks to not just your customer but to the search engines and to have an on-going dialogue with both.

Our content Ninja’s write the perfect message that speaks to both your customer and the search engines so your website becomes a sales tool instead of a static billboard gathering dust.

Using images for your written content is a must and we go through as many pictures as necessary to find just the right one for your content and even optimize it for the search engines to give you even more juice.

This all adds up to income generating content that is well written that you did not have to do so you can focus on your business and your increasing sales

The Client Content Concierge is the content solution for the business that’s smart