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We love WordPress and we know you are going to love it too but first you have to get over the hurdle of installing it properly. We can remove that hurdle for you and the potential for costly mistakes by letting us professionally install your new WordPress website for free. does not include adding your content.

To securely install WordPress you have to manually install it which requires you to spend your valuable time learning skills and terms you may never use again and still not get it right. We think the better way to do it is to let us do it for you for free.

How do we make any money? The hosting company that hosts our website and all of our clients websites pay us a small commission to direct customers to their service. We feel they are among the best in the business for quality service and price or it wouldn’t be so smart for us to use or recommend them

What do we hope to get out of it? A happy customer who may ask us to:

  • Customize their new WordPress theme 
  • Do some SEO to help rank better in the search results
  • Create a cool logo.
  • Provide ongoing maintenance and support

We’re in the business of helping businesses be in business online the “Smart” way.

We only recommend top quality companies to our clients and we provide excellent service of our own.

In addition to the free WordPress installation, you will also enjoy a low on-going monthly hosting fee from the company we recommend.

Every company charges a monthly fee to host  a website and our preferred provider is no different. The fee varies based on your needs but we think the account that fits the needs of most clients costs $7.95 a month which is about normal pricing among their competitors. But the pricing is not the whole story. We believe quality service is where they shine. They have an excellent support desk that you can contact for help and they actually help :). We have tried others so we know the value of this especially when dealing with websites.

So now you can rest assured that you have a Smart team to install your WordPress website for free and a hosting company that supports the hosting of your newly installed website. This is

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