Smart Website Analytics for Superior Results

Having a website is cool and a must. Having it optimized for customers searching is a muster.( :) our word.) When you install analytics onto your website, you can now determine the type of traffic you are receiving and where it comes from. This is vital information.  We  can install Google Analytics to accomplish the main part of the analytics. It’s free to use and we install it as a courtesy and a thank you for doing business with us.

However, we would not be true Ninja’s if we did not educate you to the next level of analytics. It is called Heatmap tracking.

This type of analytics tracking not only tells you what pages were clicked on your website and where they came from but the more important what’s hot and what’s not on your site with a visual HEATMAP of activity. You will be able to tell at a glance what you can do to improve sales and revenue and  where you can cut the fat.

Sales can only improve.

We offer this state of the art tracking to you for a one time fee so there are no monthly payments to worry about

We care about our customers success and we mean it