Reduce Your Open Table Reservation Fees by up To 75%

get more reservations and save thousands in fees every year.

If you’ve invested in using Open Table to fill your restaurants tables efficiently that was probably a good decision but how about making a smart decision even smarter by saving thousands in fees every year and getting better results using the same Open Table system?

Our research has shown that it can be done very easily by making one small adjustment to your efforts.

Here’s how it normally works

(actual numbers will vary)

Our research tells us that for reservations that come straight from or its affiliates, you’ll pay $1.00 per cover, or per person in your party. Ex: a seated party of 2 will cost you $2.00
For reservations you generate yourself through your website, the cover fee is only $0.25 each, and that covers the cost of administering the reservation, providing customer phone support, etc. Ex: a party of 2 will cost you $0.50.

Using these numbers, if you book 20 total people through your costs are as follows

$20 a day
$600 a month
$7,200 a year

The same number booked through your website

$5 a day
$150 a month
$1,800 a year

You save $5,400 a year

So the obvious question is

“How can I get more people to book reservations using my website instead of Open Tables?”

Research shows that 30% of all searches for restaurants are from a mobile device and websites like yours designed for desktop viewing are hard to read and navigate on smartphones. This un-friendly user experience causes people to abandon your website and book elsewhere. Sometimes this means booking reservations using Open Table’s website or worse, making reservations with your competitor.

Either way you are losing

The Solution is Simple

Make a mobile friendly version of your website and embed the code Open Table gives you into it
Watch the video to see just what a difference being mobile-friendly will make for your restaurant

Not only will you get better results from your Open Table investment but you will also capture mobile local searchers who found your website and can now easily navigate and take action on their smartphones.

• Get more reservations
• Save thousand in fees

Questions –

The argument is that diners who find and book via Open Table are much more likely to be incremental guests than people who are already on your website and who choose to book from there.

We say give them an app. We are partners with restaurant apps to go who build custom apps for restaurants that turn one-time visitors into repeat loyal customers. Your app can incorporate Open Table and your mobile site plus a lot of cool customer retention features

How long does it take to complete the mobile-friendly website?

Generally it takes 7 days or less

Do I have to build a whole new website? No we just attach it to your current site.

When people visit from a mobile device, the mobile browser identifies the mobile device and displays the mobile-friendly version of your site.

Will people still have the option to see the desktop version of my website?

Yes. On the mobile friendly version there is a link visitors can click to display the full site.

Does the mobile version work on all devices?

Yes. We use a custom script that makes sure all devices are detected properly.

How much is this going to cost?


How do I get started?

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