Smart Website Hosting

orange county ca web hosting companyA website requires hosting or in laymen terms, storage space online. Hosting gives your website a place to live online. It’s kind of like renting an apartment. From this rented space online, your websites pages are displayed or served to visitors who type in your web address or click on a link that leads to one of the pages on your website.

You can buy great hosting all over the web and at prices that are more than fair. Customer support can be spotty and systems used can be all over the map though.

We use Cpanel hosting for our clients because we feel it is the more popular standard and is not a propriety system. Because it’s not a proprietary system more people understand it and can work on it. This frees you from the worry of ” does anybody understand this thing?”.

Our Ninja philosophy is to offer the best systems for our clients and take  as much guesswork out of the equation as possible

If for some reason you prefer another hosting provider that offers Cpanel hosting, we won’t cry too much but we may have to charge you a little more :)

Because we have our own hosting, we cut you a break on designing and building the site